Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Art-O-Rama 2009

If you are in town, be sure to come to the opening on Thursday night!

Thursday, March 5
Preview (with sales) 11-6 pm
Opening (sales continue) 7-11 pm
Saturday, March 14
Final Day of Sale 11-3 pm
Friday, March 6 to Friday, March 13
Exhibition & Sale Continues 10-6 pm
Closed Sunday, March 8

2009 AHST (Artist Home and Studio Tour)*
Maura Byrne
Thomas Debicki
Conrad Ouchi
Deborah Lougheed Sinclair
Bee Kingdom:
Ryan Marsh Fairweather
Phillip Bandura
Tim Belliveau

Ted Godwin, OC, RCA
Eric Cameron, RCA
Katie Ohe, RCA
Ron Kostyniuk, RCA
Peter Deacon, RCA
Seka Owen, RCA
Brent Laycock, RCA
Phyllis Godwin
Neil Liske
Plus over 35 SPECIAL GUESTS including::
Mary Swain
Pauly Wong
Susan Kristoferson
Helena Hadala
Aaron Sidorenko
Verna Vogel
Kai Scholefield
Janis Burns
Kim Bruce
Greg Robb
Lynn Robb
Greg Pyra
Errol Lee Fullen
Roger Scrimshaw
Myken Woods
Josh Holinaty
Genevieve Simms
Julie Chapdelaine
Thomas Harcsa
Reinhard Skoracki

Art–O–Rama Exhibition & Sale was launched as a way
to commemorate past years of AHST, as well as to
mark and anticipate the exciting line-up of the 7th
annual Artist Home + Studio Tour, to be held on March
28, 2009. On behalf of the Triangle Gallery, I would like
to extend sincere gratitude to each of these artists for
graciously inviting the public into their most intimate
spaces in an incredible gesture to help the Triangle
Gallery continue to present quality exhibitions.
The exhibition is our way to give back to these artists
and to acknowledge their contributions while presenting
their captivating works to both familiar and brand
new audiences. Featured this year are artists from all
of our previous AHST tours as well as Artist Circle
members and special guests.
With the state of our economy in the forefront of our
minds in 2009, Art-O-Rama will present a variety of
mediums: painting, sculpture, photography, illustration,
glass, jewelry, ceramics, furniture and printmaking that
is affordable and meaningful. The caliber of these works
and the generosity of the artists, have made the
experience of selecting the works for this exhibition an
absolute pleasure and privilege.
Rhonda Barber
Guest Curator/Gallery Administrator

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finished the laundry

yep, it took over a month, but i finally finished the laundry! haha, it's as good an excuse as any for not being better about writing here. i've been doing a bit of work in the studio, but mostly just running around with the kids...there's a lot of soccer practice on my dance card these days. and helping out at the school etc. usual mommy stuff. but now its time to hunker down and get to work. i have 3 shows coming up. the first is at the triangle gallery as part of their art-o-rama show starting on march 5th and running for 10 days. if you're in calgary, be sure to stop by the opening on the 5th at 7pm! then in may i'll have my spring show and a group show in june. busy, busy....more pix to come! cheers!