Sunday, November 27, 2011

RAW #48

this one was a complete departure for me, but i'll definitely be doing more. sterling silver cup soldered onto a silver base with silver leaf. then floated red micro beads in epoxy. SOLD

Friday, November 25, 2011


wow, has 3 weeks really passed? it has flown by! the show was, in a word, fabulous. so many lovely people came out, thank you! we had 8 hourly winners, 1 grand prize winner and 55 grab bag winners; no way i can list them all here. if you weren't present and won an hourly prize, it's in the mail!

the week after the show, i hosted (along with paul and anne) a 50th birthday party for my dear friend, veronica. the party was a blast! perhaps you're wondering why you haven't seen those pictures yet? we lost our internet that night and just got it back today, so bear with me while i play catch-up!

and finally....RAW52 #47!

this ring is large, 1.5" in diameter. it has a recycled gift card showing through the cutout and leaf embellishments, all sterling silver.