Tuesday, July 10, 2007

As Usual

well as usual, i start off with the best of intentions to keep up with my blog and then promptly forget about it. business is booming and life is incredibly busy. and sadly my blog keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the long list of things to do. since moving into our lovely new home, it has been a steady stream of visitors and we are having a great time! currently, it is time for the calgary stampede here and we are loving watching the fireworks every night from our rooftop deck. had my spring show in june and it was my best show ever! blew the fall show out of the water, which was gratifying, especially since it was without holiday sales. here are a few of the new pieces that showcased there and will hopefully migrate (miraculously) to the website! once again, signing off and hoping to get here more regularly. cheers!

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