Friday, September 21, 2007

E.Coli Part 2

thank you everyone for your wonderful emails and support! the little man is doing a lot better, no symptoms anymore, though he still tests positive. it seems it can stay in your system for 12 weeks or so. and my daughter tested positive too even though she is asymptomatic also. she probably had it first and gave it to him. it was interesting talking to the calgary health authority about how they identify the source of the e.coli. it seems they create a genetic profile, match that to other people and then look for a commonality in what or where they ate, where they've been etc. quite the mystery! oh well, we are in germ lock-down here, but other than that fairing well. thank you again, more art posts to come soon!

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Gil said...

Hi, Stacey, we just yesterday found out about Fintan's recurrence... what a bummer!! Poor guy! Hope this gets resolved soon and that it will not interfere with your planned get-together with Jenn and Wayne in Montreal.

I like the "tree" you created, it has nice possibilities!

Much love,