Wednesday, February 13, 2008


well, back to the studio. time to start getting some stock together for my spring show on May 3rd. why is it i can't seem to get motivated? motivation, its so illusive at times, especially for the artist that works alone. there is something special about just working in the same proximity to another artist. there's an aura, a creative vibe that exists when you work in another artist's presence. not to mention the exchange of ideas and critique. its always a challenge to create that vibe on your own. how do some of you do it? i'd really like to know if you have a secret to keeping the creativity and motivation going. in the meantime, i'll start getting ready for the show :) hope everyone has a great weekend! go out and create something, even if its only mac n' cheese!
above is a collaboration i did with amy weber, an incredibly talented artist in just about any medium. her part is the wonderful crab and egg watercolor. i'm the dot chick. you can check out her blog at the right. cheers!


Quilt Knit said...

How Gorgeousssss! Beautiful work by you and Amy!
Motivation! Here the call of the metal.
I am waiting- where is Stacy? Stacy? I cannot make myself into jewelry- need some help in here. Stacy? This is your motivation Call. Need some help, your Metal.
Have a great Creating Day!

Ethaniel said...

When I was still doing charcoal portraits, motivation is easy. Get a beautiful subject and it already gets you motivated to draw. In the middle of my work I sometimes feel something wrong about the drawing but I couldn't tell what. We usually draw as a group so what we do is we exchange drawings and critique and correct it.

Anyway that is a wonderful drawing you got posted. My astrological sign is cancer so I noticed this poster right away.

Would you be interested in business? If you do you I'd like to share to you about the Young Entrepreneur Society from the It is a good business resource.

Anonymous said...

i lose my breath whenever i see this collab... it's sooooooo fabu!

Quilt Knit said...

Hi! I tried to email and tell you thanks for posting at my site. I just could not say something about the tragedy at Our schools and then to wake up and an illegal Drag Race with an audience! On a main Route!
Well, I can only say I am in prayer.
The other is that I am doing my art. My motivation is high. I just want to do my research and drawing and painting. I will post a picture of It shortly. My birthday is March 3rd and both my sons will be here. I will cut that week. I have the whole week off.
My youngest has to have two route canals on Tuesday.
He looks like half a Pumpkin Head. Lots of strong medicine and He will be fine.


Anonymous said...

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