Friday, November 19, 2010

One more sleep...

well tomorrow is the big fall show and miraculously, i am ready! didn't think i was going to pull it off this year. the last month, i've felt so behind.
so here are a few new ones, hope they all sell tomorrow!

an expansion of the layered window series, with a granulated square riveted into one of the windows

also an expansion of the window series. these character 3d silouettes are epoxy'd into the windows.

an extra special guest artist this 10 year old daughter, Bronwyn! she designed these charms in polymer clay first, we made a mould and cast them with pmc. she is bursting with excitement to be selling her designs!

and last but not least, a bit more polymer fun. for months last year, i drove by the same hill. someone had dumped a couch on it and the grass had grown up around it as high as the seat. every time i passed i'd think about what a fun art piece it would make. well i finally made it! this one is polymer clay riveted to a sterling silver back.

have a great weekend everyone!


blissful chick said...

wow i am sure they all flew out the door, they are WONDERFUL!! how'd you do?

WorkingGirlsShoeCloset said...

WOW! GREAT jewelry! I'm your latest addict and can't wait for more! :)

Feel free to stop by my blog sometime too!

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet