Friday, February 11, 2011

RAW #6

after a short delay here is RAW #6! Figo is being picked up we speak so more pix of him later!

this first pic is for Jewel. you wanted to see the back/assembly? i use fine silver rivets to attach all the elements. the ring shank is soldered to another silver disk that is riveted through the wood and top silver.
this new ring is more of my ocd dots coupled with a large disk of my distressed granulation.
its a bit heavier than the other dot rings due to the metal top level, but still really nice on.
stay tuned for RAW #7 and of course more pictures of Figo!


Lorena Angulo said...

Great !!! I love the combination of materials !! ;D

blissful chick said...

holy crow, woman, this is wonderful! sooooo different and gorgeous!