Tuesday, April 09, 2013

#94-99 How did i get so behind?!

day 94: we stumbled across this 'little' church in our paris wanderings.

day 95: the paris opera house is by far the most opulent  building we have ever been in.

 day 96: homeward bound!

day 97: today i was flattened by a sinus cold that literally kept me in bed the entire day.  so, for your viewing pleasure, the arc de triomphe from 2 days earlier.

 day 98: managed to get up to take child to school but that was about it.  this photo was from our last night in brugge at a tiny little restaurant with lovely food.

day 99: spent a lovely afternoon with my mother-in-law.  did i think to take her picture? no!  this is the ring i got in brugge, that i love too :)

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blissful chick said...

amazing images!!! you are not behind, you are living life. enjoy xx