Tuesday, June 25, 2013


it has been a crazy few days here in calgary.  don't know if you've seen it on the news, but the city experience catastrophic flooding starting on thursday and we are still recovering.  we were some of the lucky ones, but too many weren't.

 day 171: thursday it rained a lot and there a bit of flooding in this train underpass that we use a fair amount.  it sits right next to the elbow river and floods often, so initially, this wasn't surprising.

 day 172: friday was a very different story.  this is the iconic Calgary Stampede grounds as see from Scotsmans' Hill where our house sits. it is completely underwater and you can't even tell where the river normally runs.

 day 173: saturday it finally stopped raining and we had a lovely blue sky, but the reality of the destruction was still devastating.

 day 174: our neighborhood was one of the lucky ones, since it sits quite high, but we were still surrounded by water and closed roads.  nothing to do but pull weeds and spread mulch that had been delivered on wednesday.  clearly the dogs find gardening exhausting.

 day 175: only a few days later and you can hardly tell there was ever a flood!  the calgary stampede will go on starting july 5th, come hell or high water!

 day 176: a much needed sleep in with figo, the bed hog.

day 177: the bed hog is especially fond of a freshly made bed.  grrrrr!

with soccer last week and the flooding this week, i am super behind on my brooches.  there's one waiting on photos, but i'll get back in the studio next week!

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