Tuesday, July 30, 2013


 day 204: we've been having some pretty big storms of late.  they make for some pretty spectacular skies!

 day 205: tonight was finn's last soccer game, which they won!  figo was somewhat unimpressed :)

 day 206: finn's buddy slept over last night.  i think they got all of 2 hours of sleep, hence the happy but hung over looks :)

 day 207: great night with the stew-cams and a lovely evening for a walk to the overlook.

 day 208: the boutins bought this absolutely groovy little motorhome for touring across canada!

 day 209: spent the day gardening.  sore, but satisfying work!  ian took this panorama of the backyard when we were done.

 day 210: took mouton to visit gramma today.  wanted to see if he'd be okay staying with her instead of a kennel.  pretty sure he's okay with it. :)

day 211: love the, relatively new, food truck culture in calgary!  today i tried Montreal Smoked Meat Hash at the Red Wagon Diner.  super friendly peeps and delicious food!  check it out!

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