Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sooooooooooo behind!

 day 271: went to the gala fundraiser at finn's school today.  such fun and i won this fantastic felt wall hanging that his class made! (sorry for the bad lighting)

 day 272: miss b has been on a baking frenzy!  this would be before we had the talk about cleaning up after you bake :)  her cupcakes are amazing, so it's hard to get too mad ;)

 day 272: been laid up with a bizarre allergic reaction and hives.  if you have to be confined to your bed, this isn't a bad view.

 day 273: the bizarre hives and klingon-like visage finally required a trip to the ER.  all is well, but i'll be funny looking for a few more days as the swelling goes down.

 day 274: not wanting to scare small children, i decide to hunker down in the studio :)

 day 275: trying to take a photo of the sunrise whilst driving gets some interesting effects, tho i don't recommend it.

day 276: finally looking human enough to venture out with the pooch on a crisp morning.

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