Sunday, November 03, 2013

#294 and up!

Day 294: daddy daughter gala!

Day 295: a snowy walk down to the corner store. 

Day 296: new charms for the show. Finally found a fun way to use those large, flat glass beads!

Day 297: miss b's first day at her job as a junior coach! All those nerves were for nothing, she had a blast and did great!

Day 298: new key chains, debuting at fall show. 

Day 299: happy Halloween!

Day 300: hard to believe that just a few months ago (June), this was all underwater. 

Day 301: more new goodies for the fall show!

Day 302: homemade chili in a bread bowl is the perfect meal on a snowy night. 

Day 303: backyard Buddha, as ian would say, achieving enwhitenment ;)

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