Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Collage Pendants #2

this is the backside. sorry for the photo glare, but the clearcoat doesn't like the camera.

i've been going crazy with these collage pendants! they are so fun and colorful. i've got 3 more works in progress, but not ready for their 15 minutes of fame. here are 2 that are completed. think i might have to keep the orange and red one! i also painted the backs. it covers the rivet evidence, but also makes the pendants reversible. crappy photos, won't be taking professional shots until closer to my show in september. have a great day!

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BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

I'm doin' *~~~* THE WAVE *~~~* can you tell?

Woweeeeeeeeeeeee :)