Friday, June 12, 2009

Collage Pendants

after taking a wee bit of a break after my spring show, i am back into the swing of things! you don't realize how tired getting ready for a show makes you until you wake up from a 2 week nap. gee, guess i was a little worn out :)

school is almost out, spring is finally hitting calgary and i got the creativity bug again. i have so many cool and colorful gift cards, just begging to be recycled into something cool, that i thought i'd give using them in a new, fun way, a whirl. here's the first result. there are two more in various stages of progress on my desk, but i'll save those for next week :) as usual its not a great photo, just sitting on my centerpunch block with some sunlight, but it'll have to do. this one is painted wood with recycled gift card and sterling silver riveted to it. haven't decided what it'll hang from either...any suggestions?

have a great weekend everyone!

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