Thursday, January 24, 2008

Angel Hair for Kids

my (almost) 8 year old daughter, bronwyn, has been growing her hair out for over year so she will have 10" to donate to angel hair for kids. angel hair takes hair donations, makes them into wigs and then gives them to children who come from disadvantaged families and have lost their hair from either alopecia, burns or cancer treatments. it cost $800 dollars to manufacture one wig and bronwyn wanted to collect some money to send in with her hair. angel hair doesn't get any government funding, so every dollar donated helps. she wrote a letter for her school and started collecting donations there, as well as from friends and family. she is cutting her hair on february 2nd and to date we already have $700!! thank you to everyone that has donated! i'll be sure to post some post-haircut pictures.

signed, bursting with mama-bear pride, stacey


Quilt Knit said...

Hi! Bronwyn: I have been groupie and blogging talking and purchasing your Mother's artistry for some time.
I am the crazy lady that bought the Alphabet series.
My hair is getting pretty long. I cut it on an Army Base in Germany because my son could not stand "the Hippie Look". A woman's brother was passing from cancer and she wanted my hair. I had them tie it up very short, they divided into 4 pony tails. It took them three hours to make the cut. None of them could believe I would cut that much hair off. I took the hair and gave it to that Lady. I have been told they will not take Gray Hair (?). I know how funny it will feel and I know how jealous everyone will be, knowing You are beautiful with wonderful long hair and wonderful short hair.
Have Mom check Her Paypal account.
Hi! Stacy, beautiful work. Wonderful dedicated Young Lady you have. Our iMac is finally coming home. I am so excited.

((( Circle of Hugs )))


orion713 said...

Good for you Bronwyn!