Sunday, January 27, 2008


it is freakishly cold here today and tomorrow is going to be worse! high of -15C/5F and that doesn't include the windchill. and its very windy and blizzardy, yuck! tomorrow is going to be unreal; high of -27C/-16.6F without windchill! today is HARSH; tomorrow we venture into SAVAGE! good day for being creative if nothing else :) stay warm and think of us popsicles living in the frozen north!


orion713 said...

ehm...(wonders why you live where you live)

stacey maddock said...

i know!

Quilt Knit said...

Have you checked my blog for cold pictures?
I have some more to post. Should have included some of those Fireplaces with the blowers. My sister had one in Texas. It worked very well.
I miss a fireplace. Have only Radiators. As cold and windy as it is today I have been able to have the windows up. Have to close up now though. Evening is coming and the Sun is going down.