Monday, August 18, 2008

WIP #4

this hardly qualifies as a work in progress shot, but after much deliberation, i think this the way the links will play out. the white will be the high polished, shiny ones and the gray will be the distressed, darkened ones. this may change as i progress and start putting the pieces together, but right now this is the configuration.

not a super productive day, but it was 95F/34C here today and i spent it wandering the zoo with the kids. am i nuts?! i think a glass of iced tea is in order :)


orangefrute88 said...

stacey, you will make us drool with lust for this piece, just as we do with all the others :)

tag: i love your blog! please visit mine and claim your bloggy prize :)

orion713 said...

I love the wips!