Friday, August 22, 2008

WIP #5

above you can see the shiny bits of the necklace are currently tumbling away :) it is spinning, you just can't see it and i didn't feel like filming it. tres boring.

and here are the ones to be darkened. they've been filed and flattened and just await a dip in the liver of sulphur.

and finally this is what i've been working on when i was suppose to be working on the mongo necklace. it's a rose gold symbols wedding ring for my friend james p. the symbols haven't been darkened yet and as usual i've posted a crappy photo, but you get the idea! you can see lovely, more professional photos of other symbols rings on my website (see at right).
have a great weekend!


dintoons said...

LOVE that ring... supercool!! :o)

Anonymous said...

stacey! stunning! xxx

Daily Decisions said...

I found your comment on Rachael's blog about my wire crochet. I thought I would visit your site. I do love your rings, they are lovely. Miriam (Wire Crochet with beads and semi-precious stones - Unique Handcrafted Jewelry)